Why us?
Automatic meeting summaryAiGenda automatically generates a summary, highlights tasks and provides quick access to meeting information
and information search
100 times faster
Automatic meeting summary allows you not to be afraid of missing important moments of the dialogue, and searching for information and navigating through meetings becomes easier than ever.
meeting recording
Connect an AI assistant to your Google Meet or Zoom meeting and it
will automatically record,
process and send the result in less than 5 minutes
Share results in 1 clickSend a PDF summary or a link to detailed
meeting results
to your students or colleagues
in just one click
A subscription to the AiGenda service will be a profitable
investment for any
business with
online meetings
Different tariffs for different tasks
150 minutes of meetingsHighlighting key pointsAbility to share the resultIntegrations with Zoom and Google Meet
All from the Free tariff1200 minutes of meetings per monthPriority processing24/7 support
from 2400 minutes per monthAll from the Pro tariffSmart searchQ&A on meetingsCloud solutionMeeting analytics
On-Premise solution inside your companyIndividual approachFine-tuning the system to your needs*Includes everything from other tariffs
AiGenda in your messengerUse the AI assistant without leaving the messenger thanks to the integration with Telegram
AiGenda in your smartphoneUse all the advantages of the AI assistant from anywhere in the world through a convenient service
How can I use your service?

You can use AiGenda for your daily meetings, as well as for processing educational lectures and conferences. Notes will help you save time and easily navigate through the materials
Why do you have limits?

To ensure AiGenda is available for everyone we apply various processing limitations based on the selected pricing plan
Does AiGenda recognise any conversation?

AiGenda is able to work with any supported language such as Russian, English, German, French, Ukrainian, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, and Turkish
Is it safe to use AiGenda?

Our top priority is ensuring the security of our users' personal data. We have implemented a range of modern technical and organisational security measures to achieve this. Additional information can be found in our
How can I suggest improvements or participate in the development of the service?

You can use the feedback form for any questions and suggestions, and we will definitely respond to you within 24 hours
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